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How to make your event unforgettable?

Choose Magic.

Listen to feedback about my show!

Lots of laughter together

6 time Finnish Champion of Magic

Your event will be remembered 

Minna Mustonen, Verifone

"The night was truly stunning, EVERYONE enjoyed your performance and it will talked about for a long time, absolutely great!"


Emma Vaihevuori, Tamro

"Markus' wonderful tricks made our guests fall in love and laugh. The audience participated, which strengthened the sense of belonging. In three performances, Markus exceeded our expectations, offering an unforgettable show with his relaxed approach and skillful magic." 

Jorma Uotinen, Mediapersonality

"I was impressed by your style, you are a very inspired performer!"

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Stage magic

My magic show is your chance to have award-winning magic at your event that no other magician performs. It's 30 minutes of moments that tickle your sense of reality and will surprise, laugh and amaze. However, at the heart of it all is warm audience contact and entertainment.

Close-up magic

Do you want magic at your event, but the space is not suitable for a stage performance? No problem, close-up magic works everywhere. Each table group gets its own private show, where everyone gets to experience miracles in their own hands!

Book me easily!


Tell a little about your event, I will reply quickly!


Let’s discuss how I best serve you.


Enjoy the party and the reactions to the magic!

Elina Aalto, Actor

""Markus is not only an incredible magician but also a top performer! The story-telling of his magic shows is unparalleled and even when you think the show is over and the tricks have been seen, he surprises - every single time."


Essi Nuotionmaa

"Markus put on a great show at our bachelor party. I can highly recommend him!"

Elina Katila

"An upbeat, fun and talented show!"
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